Of course you’re not going to hire just anyone without giving it some thought first. That’s why I come by and visit, without any obligations, without any drama, and without an invoice. We want to see if I can really help you, if we can trust each other, and to see if it’ll be fun working together.

I can meet with only three teams every three months. So contact us well in advance.

Thanks to you, we found our purpose and that makes a world of difference!’ Bert Mooij, Director of an ICT organization

The personal approach and the quickness with which Natasja managed to create a safe space within the team I found particularly remarkable. Anne Verhulst, Xomnia Board of Directors

Feel free to call me at 06-41335607 to make an appointment

Do you prefer emailing? That’s possible too of course to

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Natasja Hoex of De Teamcoach
mountain team coach

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