The gold in your hands slips right through your fingers.

You once started this company with passion in your hearts.

You once choose to take a seat in the Board of Directors or Management team of this company. And now?

The fire is out.

Endless discussions prevent you from making decisions the organization is desperate for!

Something is just not right. There’s just too much fussiness between you people. Yuck!

You can’t seem to reach any structural solutions, and everything, absolutely everything has become ad hoc business, quick, panic.

The gold in your hands slips right through your fingers.

You’re not going to let that happen, are you?

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Philips Health Care Incubator

Now we meet deadlines with flying colors.

Our international multi-company steering group was completely stuck when we asked The Teamcoach to help. Each day, we were losing time and money because of discussions on technical details and differences of interests. In hindsight it’s actually incredible how much time we actually spent discussing a single word. We had a multi-million-dollar project and a huge opportunity in a new market and we almost lost it because we just never saw eye to eye. We thought it was because of the French. And they? No idea, you never hear so much from the French.

The Teamcoach helped our team break these patterns. We were able to recalibrate our launch targets; the project manager showed leadership. The number of meetings has halved and deadlines are now met with flying colors. We have agreed to different scheduling with our French partner, so we’re no longer in each other’s way. Our project is running smoothly and successfully again. Instead of a forced project stop, we’re now looking forward to a successful product launch.

What are you going to accomplish with The Teamcoach?

The Teamcoach doesn’t offer cosmetic solutions. We don’t have to take color tests to get to know each other better. No Hallelujah nonsense. We work with your reality as it is now. We get the bug out of the system. For good!

  • Identifying the mismatch
  • Finally knowing why things are just not running smoothly and why it doesn’t change by itself
  • Decide on “do we go on; do we go for it; or do we move on?”
  • Plan of action to solve this team situation
  • Out of this sh*t
  • Able to trust each other again
  • Tangible working arrangements that are of genuine use
  • Decisions that lead to noticeable results
  • A management/executive team that does exactly what it’s meant to do!
  • Feeling proud!

I can meet with three teams every three months. That’s not a lot, so hurry up.


Why am I the woman for you? Or not of course? Check out the video above and get a very important piece of advice right off the bat to help you with your situation.

How are we different?

All our team coaches have completed a specialist training in group dynamics and have extensive experience in working with groups. We aren’t standard, we aren’t the cheapest and we aren’t always kind. We do offer a real solution, for real people with a real problem.

We specialize in somewhat more difficult group dynamics, such as persistent patterns, conflicts, passivity, and misalignment.

Chances of succeeding following our process are very high.Referrers particularly mention thesustainabilityof our interventions as a huge plus. We don’t provide a cosmetic solution; we get “the bug” out of the system. For good!

Natasja Hoex of De Teamcoach

Céline van Elst, CNV Connectief

“Will the group be able to cope with this?” It’s something completely different than we normally do. I found that both very exciting and scary. “Is it too soft?” I even thought. “You often hear that you have to stick post-its.” That was something the group was very hesitant about. We were afraid we had to stick post-its on flipovers, but you never do anything with it afterwards anyway. It’s fun to do, but it doesn’t work. It was also very exciting for me, as a manager, because I had to put myself out there, in the group. And then I thought: “Will this work? Which direction is the pendulum going to swing?”

We weren’t actually much of a team at all. More a group with egos; people who don’t really consider the other person. I remember that first exercise with a map to get acquainted with each other. That was so much fun because it was about the person your colleague is: where are you from and so on. That was also an important beginning as a whole. It was really necessary to get to know each other in a different way to get more of a we-feeling.

Now, a few months later, people work together very differently. People are now trusting each other more and judging others less. They seek each other out much more and they ask each other questions if they don’t know something. They really wouldn’t do that before! And that’s how it is now all the time. Isn’t that cool?

As a manager, I learned I can really ask something from people. I’m allowed to work a little less hard and ask some more less important questions. I’m much more relaxed. I much better in what I do and more comfortable in my skin as a result. It has helped me a lot and so has the team. It’s so good we did this!


Natasja Hoex of The Teamcoach

How do I know what I know & other facts

Studied Psychology

Studied psychology and graduated from the University of Groningen

Author of Meer teamresultaat

Get free tips from a top advisorAuthor of the published e-book called Meer teamresultaat (More team results)
Order here

Plenty of life experience

What else can we expect life to teach us from beautiful trips abroad, a difficult divorce, a wonderful family with a beautiful two year old son, and many other adventures.

TGI Certification and Degree

TGI Certified in 2010 and obtained diploma in 2014
(7-year training) . Studied in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Vienna. TGI stands for Themagecentreerde Interactie (Theme-centered Interaction), which you could also call advanced group dynamics.

Natasja in the Media

Frequently invited as group dynamics expert by the media. I was interviewed by and De Metro, and I appeared as an expert on the TV program called “Gepest van negen tot vijf” (Bullied from nine to five).

Children’s books

Besides Blogs/e-books and articles, Natasja has recently started writing stories for children. Her first story will soon be published in the WWF Junior Ranger Magazine. Natasja is busy working on a children’s book on bullying/group dynamics.

Changed forever

90% of our customers particularly applaud the sustainability of our projects. Problems aren’t solved for just a brief moment; the situation changed permanently.

More than 20 years’ experience

Working with groups for more than 20 years.
Have been able to successfully help more than 50 stranded teams toward a sparkling collaboration.

Our customers rate The Teamcoach with an average of B+

The calmness, being able to get to the essence quickly, and Natasja’s no-nonsense practical nature are strengths our customers mention in particular. They praise the process that generates the desired effect and the effect years afterwards.

 – 8 – 8Does it costa lot?

It sure does! Of course we all secretly hope for a magic wand that can change everything at once. That goes for losing those pounds, for all the crazy habits your partner has, and for collaboration problems in a team.

I ask for your full commitment. You may have your doubts, find it uncomfortable, sometimes not like it anymore. But I want a full YES when you decide to do this and want to get out of today’s sh*t.

A successful team coaching process takes about 6-8 months and starts with conducting a team analysis. I use a half-day rate of € 1.100. The total cost depends on demand. Teams of approximately 5-8 people invest on average between € 12,000 and € 20,000 to successfully achieve the desired result (analysis + team coaching)


Who’s it not for?

  • Team coaching isn’t a training. If you’re looking for a training in leadership for example, we would rather refer you to a good colleague.
  • Team coaching isn’t team building. Team building works very well for teams that basically work well together. Teams stuck in persistent patterns will first have to break this pattern. Otherwise, nothing really changes.
  • I don’t work with operational teams.
  • I also don’t work with teams that can’t get out of the primary process.


Whoisit for?

  • Management teams and the board of directors. Sometimes I also have time for a team of professionals/self-managing team.
  • You notice there’s a pressing problem in your interactions. So you notice at first hand that things aren’t going well between you guys/the team.
  • You realize you can’t solve it yourself because you’re in the middle of it.
  • Working harder isn’t the solution, you understand that. And you know you have to do something with Trust, Honesty, and shared Commitment. But you struggle with the question: how?


I can meet with three teams with an urgent problem every three months. Don’t wait any longer.

Immediate impact, even months afterwards

“I’ve frequently attended these kind of sessions over the past 30 years; usually we remember where we ate, but not what we actually did. This is the first time in 30 years that I attended a session that had so much impact. Short-term impact as well as months thereafter.

I give The Teamcoach an A+”

Harry Tuerlings

Mayor of the Municipality of Reusel-de Mierden