I saw her sitting behind the wheel with her long, blond hair. She leaned in a bit and seemed to gently move along with something. Her perfectly made-up face with red lips looked delighted at the cars in front of her.

Cars creeping forward towards the exit.

Cars I saw as big, chunky obstacles on my way to my destination.

But not her! The big red lips slowly parted, forming words.

She didn’t have any earpieces in. She didn’t have that stressed frown on her face so many people can have when they need to make a quick phone call while they’re in the car.

She seemed happy. She had a big smile on her face and sometimes she’d close her eyes for just a brief moment, as if she was drawing from something that was fluttering in her belly.

I turned on the radio Toyed with my pre-programmed buttons. And suddenly I heard it: “When the sun goes down and the band won’t play… I’ll always remember us this way.”

The words those red lips next to me so carefully formed came from the radio. I could almost literally read the intensity of the music in the softly, squinted eyes and delighted smile of the blondie in the car next to me. And I could feel her joy when I started singing along with Lady Gaga.

Tuning in. That’s what it does. A connection so you can feel, taste, understand what the other means. It’s so much more than just the word. And sometimes we’re so completely lost. We don’t understand a thing the other person’s red lips are saying.

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