Analysis & Advice

What is the problem?

Something’s just not right in your team. Not only do you have a problem with each other, your organization is already getting pretty shaky.

Is team coaching the best solution for you? You don’t know yet. Perhaps the question is more whether “the right people are in the right place.”

So, there’s some confusion. What’s the right thing to do?

  • Is there a mismatch between leader and team?
  • Can it still be fixed under the present form? And if so, what’s the best thing we can do?
  • Should we say goodbye to each other/to someone?
  • Is team coaching the right solution or is there something else?
  • What should we do first? Where do we start?

Najia Macqdache, Department Manager at the Municipality of Heeze-Leende

The analysis did me a lot of good. Now I know much more what to do. So what am I for example going to ignore? What should I hold off? Using different teaching methods, I now also understand much better how I can stimulate interaction during a team session so the others don’t focus too much on me.

How will an analysis & advice help me?

  • Finally knowing why things are just not going well and why it doesn’t change by itself.
  • An answer to the question what can still be solved in the present form, and who or what it’s best to say goodbye to.
  • Identifying the mismatch
  • Insight into the different interests in the force field of this team
  • Decide on “do we go on; do we go for it; or do we move on?”
  • Plan of action to solve this team situation
  • Is team coaching the best to follow up with? Then you’ll also get a suitable offer immediately.
  • Finally some clarity!

I can carry out three team analyses every three months. That’s not a lot, so hurry up.

Waarom ben ik nu jullie vrouw? Of niet natuurlijk 😕 Kijk het bovenstaande filmpje en krijg direct al een hele belangrijke tip die al helpt in de analyse van jullie situatie.

Touching a raw nerve

Natasja Hoex of The Teamcoach is trained in all the ins and outs of group dynamics. She can, like no other, pinpoint exactly what’s going wrong in this team. She’ll give you crystal clear advice on which measures to take next.

Proclaimer: Sometimes this advice is a little hard to swallow. Natasja often identifies that which has been neglected up until now. This calls for something to be done about it. But oh how happy you’ll be when it’s finally clear what’s going on and what needs to be done.


Natasja Hoex van De Teamcoach

Dinesh Kanhai, Unit Manager at KLM Cargo
“The process has paid off. Useful & directly applicable hands-on coaching that has clarified the structure of and in our projects, such as the role division within our project and what is in fact a clear starting & end point of a project.”

Natasja Hoex of De Teamcoach

How do I know what I know & other facts

Studied Psychology

Studied psychology and graduated from the University of Groningen

Author of Meer teamresultaat

Get free tips from a top advisorAuthor of the published e-book called Meer teamresultaat (More team results)
Order here

Plenty of life experience

What else can we expect life to teach us from beautiful trips abroad, a difficult divorce, a wonderful family with a beautiful two year old son, and many other adventures.

TGI Certification and Degree

TGI Certified in 2010 and obtained diploma in 2014
(7-year training) . Studied in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Vienna. TGI stands for Themagecentreerde Interactie (Theme-centered Interaction), which you could also call advanced group dynamics.

Natasja in the Media

Frequently invited as group dynamics expert by the media. I was interviewed by and De Metro, and I appeared as an expert on the TV program called “Gepest van negen tot vijf” (Bullied from nine to five).

Children’s books

Besides Blogs/e-books and articles, Natasja has recently started writing stories for children. Her first story will soon be published in the WWF Junior Ranger Magazine. Natasja is busy working on a children’s book on bullying/group dynamics.

Changed forever

90% of our customers particularly applaud the sustainability of our projects. Problems aren’t solved for just a brief moment; the situation changed permanently.

More than 20 years’ experience

Working with groups for more than 20 years.
Have been able to successfully help more than 50 stranded teams toward a sparkling collaboration.

Our customers rate The Teamcoach with an average of B+

The calmness, being able to get to the essence quickly, and Natasja’s no-nonsense practical nature are strengths our customers mention in particular. They praise the process that generates the desired effect and the effect years afterwards.

Does it costa lot?

It sure does! Of course we all secretly hope for a magic wand that can change everything at once. That goes for losing those pounds, for all the crazy habits your partner has, and for collaboration problems in a team.

An analysis reveals exactly those pain points that have been concealed and avoided for a few years. So the analysis can be confrontational and often very liberating. You decide what you with the analysis and advice. What I do ask is an open mind and the willingness to really listen to the message. 

A good analysis, advisory report and feedback to leaders takes about 1- 2 months and costs for a team of 5- 8 people between € 5,000 and € 8,000.


Who is it not for?

Realize that a team analysis already causes shifts. Things come up that you can’t just sweep under the rug afterwards. So keep in mind that after the advice you will have to do something with the advice.

Also realize that the people who are interviewed deserve some feedback.

I do not do team analysis for teams who cannot (for whatever reason) cannot do anything about the structure of the team. Not that the structure will always change ( often not). But I don’t want to work with my hands already tied. 





Who is it for?

  • You realize you have an urgent issue in the interaction
  • So you notice that things are not going well between you, but you don’t know which angle to take.
  • You understand that you cannot solve it yourself, becaase you are in the middle of it, but you don’t know yet if teamcoaching is the right answer.

  • You are willing to say goodbye to certain people or to say goodbye to yourself.

  • You are willing to make changes in the structure if needed.

I can do three teamanalysis every three months. Don’t wait any longer. Don’t wait any longer.