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We started this company a few years ago. We were pretty much the first in the field of Big Data. Our business is really booming. But our management team isn’t doing so well. We always argue about absolutely everything and sometimes we even quarrel. We want this to change, because there’s no fun in this at all. But because it’s booming business, we hardly have time to talk to each other in a normal way. How can we change this?


In dit team was in de loop der jaren best veel storing op de lijn gekomen (zoals in elke lange relatie gebeurt😉). Maar daar was nooit de tijd voor genomen. Altijd alleen maar aandacht voor de taak en de zaak, zorgt voor armoe in de onderlinge relatie. Al die storingen kwamen er nu via eindeloze discussies uit. Net zoals in een relatie een weekendje weg vaak wonderen doen, voor al die kleine k*t irritaties, was het voor dit team ook echt tijd voor een weekendje De Teamcoach. Eindelijk elkaar weer snappen!

Our management team of a medium-sized municipality will actually for the millionth time be the one in a couple of years. Three municipal secretaries have been sent home in recent years. Our MT doesn’t have such a good image so far. The MT’s course of action now seems to be determined more by the issues of the day, by favoritism and by power, rather than by well-founded commitments. This causes a lack of security and sense of safety within the organization. How do we restore trust? With the Executive Board of B&W and with our employees of course.


Clearly a case of sticking to what you’re best at. The Board interfered with everything in this municipality. And although aldermen and mayors are important, they have little to say about the civil service organization. This situation cried out for a strong MT. Stop pleasing and take your own position.

We know each other very well as the municipality’s management team. We have been working together for almost 10 years and there’s a lot of mutual trust. But when a decision has to be made, it takes us forever to do so. We meet every week for three hours, but can’t get any step further beyond a lot of semantic jibber-jabber. How’s this possible?


A team that typically wants to reach a consensus in everything. Sometimes it’s very helpful to recognize that you are five different people with five different positions and that you don’t really have to agree with each other to support the other. As long as you are willing to give your colleague the confidence that he/she will do the best based on his/her expertise.

I have been working as a director at this primary school for several years now. This team is like a family. That’s unfortunately reflected in a lot of gossip going around. The atmosphere is downright bad, and even parents of children are already complaining about the collaboration at school? What can I as a director do now?


I see this situation a lot in teams who are also privately connected to each other. When there’s gossip, there’s actually always this fear people have in expressing their opinions openly. Apparently there’s something to lose (it’s a big family, remember). Time to start the open conversation in a safe setting with good structures and good guidance. Time to also openly acknowledge that we don’t love everything and that we sometimes disagree. Wonderful how refreshing that actually is.

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Anne Verhulst, Xomnia Executive Team

Our management team had a lot of doubts about team coaching, because at first we always thought the problem was solved when certain people left. But then we figured out the problem had never disappeared. The men in particular thought team coaching would be too soft for our company. But in the end, we didn’t have a choice.

And I’m happy we went for it. Thanks to team coaching, we got to know each other much better in various areas. Finally a bit of understanding for each other’s approach instead of all those reproaches.

In addition, Natasja has triggered us to think differently about the role of our management team and the organization.

We are much more aware of what we have to offer and from there we reformulated our common vision goals. And above all, we made a super concrete plan of action with which we got started immediately.

Bert Mooij, ICT Organization Director

Natasja Hoex initially helped us find our common identity and purpose. Then, together, we discovered we had to deal with a big MT obstruction. Actually a really hard nut to crack, mainly because it was a process we had to go through, where sometimes the root of the problem lies in places you never expected before.

Thanks to the team coaching our management team went through, many layers were peeled off, which made it crystal clear which decisions we had to make.

Since then, a few years have passed and we’re very happy that we started this process. Our team has found its purpose and does what it’s intended to do. Our company is running like a Swiss watch again.

Natasja Hoex of The Teamcoach

How do I know what I know & other facts

Studied Psychology

Studied psychology and graduated from the University of Groningen

Author of Meer teamresultaat

Get free tips from a top advisorAuthor of the published e-book called Meer teamresultaat (More team results)
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Plenty of life experience

What else can we expect life to teach us from beautiful trips abroad, a difficult divorce, a wonderful family with a beautiful two year old son, and many other adventures.

TGI Certification and Degree

TGI Certified in 2010 and obtained diploma in 2014
(7-year training) . Studied in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Vienna. TGI stands for Themagecentreerde Interactie (Theme-centered Interaction), which you could also call advanced group dynamics.

Natasja in the Media

Frequently invited as group dynamics expert by the media. I was interviewed by Nu.nl and De Metro, and I appeared as an expert on the TV program called “Gepest van negen tot vijf” (Bullied from nine to five).

Children’s books

Besides Blogs/e-books and articles, Natasja has recently started writing stories for children. Her first story will soon be published in the WWF Junior Ranger Magazine. Natasja is busy working on a children’s book on bullying/group dynamics.

Changed forever

90% of our customers particularly applaud the sustainability of our projects. Problems aren’t solved for just a brief moment; the situation changed permanently.

More than 20 years’ experience

Working with groups for more than 20 years.
Have been able to successfully help more than 50 stranded teams toward a sparkling collaboration.

Our customers rate The Teamcoach with an average of B+

The calmness, being able to get to the essence quickly, and Natasja’s no-nonsense practical nature are strengths our customers mention in particular. They praise the process that generates the desired effect and the effect years afterwards.