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Why does The Teamcoach succeed where others fail?

We get the bug out of the system. For good!

You’re the management team or board of directors. You have an organization to lead and it’s just not working the way you want anymore. Mutual tensions, sand in the engine, fuss. Whatever you want call it, it certainly takes up a lot of time and energy.

You can’t get out of it by yourselves. And that makes sense. You can’t pull yourself out of a swamp by your own bootstraps. Of course you tried all kinds of things: a good conversation, a color test, and even a short course on feedback. But did that really help? Unfortunately not …

So you need someonewho can get you out of this mess. Someone who sees why it doesn’t change by itself and who can take the sting out of whatever is messing everything up. Once and for all.

So, The Teamcoach.

I’d rather be a softserve ice cream.

f course there’s a lot of information on this website about what I can do and how I’d like to help you. But perhaps the most important thing is why I do what I do.

I believe in people! Time and time again I see that when things go wrong in a team, it’s actually never because people mean to do each other any harm. In the end, everyone wants what’s best for themselves and the team. But all kinds of misunderstandings, feeling hurt, insecurities, misunderstood intentions and a whole lot more other dynamic stuff, let these good intentions vanish into confusion. At that point, we all lose faith in each other bit by bit.

My work allows me to help people unravel all those misunderstanding, and in particular, help them see each other again as people.

When I see that people can relax again in each other’s company or they have hope again or, most importantly, when they’re excited again, then I know I did a good job. Then I know I helped boost their trust in the world a tiny bit more.

Then I stand there, like a softserve ice cream with a big smile on my face and a warm heart.

Natasja Hoex

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What other people have said about The Teamcoach

I’ve frequently attended these kind of sessions over the past 30 years; usually we remember where we ate, but not what we actually did. This is the first time in 30 years that I attended a session that had so much impact. Short-term impact as well as months thereafter. I give The Teamcoach an A+! Harry Teurlings, Mayor of the Municipality of Reusel-de Mierden

“Our goal was to get the team moving. To make sure we have the spirit and tools to really achieve something together. And it worked! I’m convinced that this wouldn’t have been possible without The Teamcoach’s help. It has made a difference.” Peter van Sebille, Manager at Rogan Delft ICT

“The process has paid off: useful & directly applicable hands-on coaching that has clarified the structure of and in our projects. Our roles are clear.” Mr. D. Kanhai, Manager at KLM Cargo

“We thought the problem was with the project management. Natasja Hoex saw something completely different. She and her colleague pinpointed the problem with us, the steering committee. That was a hard pill to swallow. But it was the reason why we choose The Teamcoach.” Erik Roelfsema Philips Health Care COO

“We used to have those sharp edges six times a week, by default. The entire team was treading on eggshells. Constantly accusing each other of things. And now? Now we contact each other more and more and that’s something that has really helped us.” Bert-Jan Walker, Manager Nedap

“We used The Teamcoach for two different assignments. Teams started working together more efficiently. Conflicts were discussed well, team members expressed the tensions between them. Working together has visibly demonstrated.
I give her an A.” Mr. P. Jaspers, CFO Achmea Pensioenen

“Natasja was a very engaged team coach right from the beginning, and with the implementation and follow-up care. She analyzes the question behind the question, and isn’t afraid to ask critical questions. That’s because she has the drive to really help and create a lasting impact. She’s a true professional, and easy to work with together.” Maurice de Bruin, Interim-Manager at Reusel-de Mierden

The Teamcoach in the media


WNF-Rangers logo

Children’s story

The story De Dappere Leeuw (The Brave Lion) by Natasja Hoex was published on May 2019 in the WNF Rangers Junior magazine.

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Bullied from nine to five

On April 19, 2019, Natasja Hoex appeared as an expert on the Dutch TV program called “Gepest van negen tot vijf” (Bullied from nine to five) about being bullied at work.

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Gossip at work

Natasja Hoex was interviewed by De Metro on March 25, 2019 about gossiping at work. Click here to read the article (in Dutch)

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Singalong concert

You can read an interview on January 18 in Nu.nl with Natasja Hoex about group behavior at singalong concerts. Click here to read the article (in Dutch)

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Teams work badly together

In 2014, Natasja Hoex was interviewed for an article in De Sprout on team collaboration. Click here to read the article (in Dutch).

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More team results

Natasja Hoex’s e-book called Meer teamresultaat (More team results) was published in 2017 via Bookboon. The audiobook is in the works.Click here to order the e-book.

From a tangled ball of twine to a curious pit bull


I believe in possibilities. Time and again, you’ll hear me say: “Yes, it is possible!” Just like a mineworker with one of those little headlamps, I’m constantly searching for the single best solution no one thought of before.

I wasn’t always like this.

The bullying started when I was 11 years old. I was a proper nerd and I didn’t really understand how to become a popular chick. Just like with a tangled ball of twine, I had absolutely no idea where to start.

Why was I being bullied? Why was that group popular and the other group in the doghouse? Why did everyone laugh when Peter made a joke, but thought Angela’s jokes were stupid? Why was playing one-on-one with Meghan just fine, but she turned into a bitch when more kids were around?

Group dynamics and its secrets has kept me busy since an early age ;-).

I studied psychology. I was super fascinated by the question how people actually work, think and fit together. And as a curious pit bull, I sank my teeth in the world of group dynamics. I even completed a seven-year specialized study for this.

Curious pit bull as a teamcoach

Now, more than 30 years later, I can call myself an expert in the field of group dynamics. I don’t feel powerless anymore. I know how things work in groups. I know how to untangle group dynamics and find the bug.

Do you feel you and your team are completely stuck, but you don’t have any idea how to get out?

Now I use my expertise to help teams change those stubborn patterns. Those patterns everyone just says: “I really don’t wat to feel like this anymore!” But nobody knows how to change it.

I know how to change it now.

Natasja Hoex of De Teamcoach

How do I know what I know & other facts

Studied Psychology

Studied psychology and graduated from the University of Groningen

Author of Meer teamresultaat

Get free tips from a top advisorAuthor of the published e-book called Meer teamresultaat (More team results)
Order here

Plenty of life experience

What else can we expect life to teach us from beautiful trips abroad, a difficult divorce, a wonderful family with a beautiful two year old son, and many other adventures.

TGI Certification and Degree

TGI Certified in 2010 and obtained diploma in 2014
(7-year training) Studied in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Vienna. TGI stands for Themagecentreerde Interactie (Theme-centered Interaction), which you could also call advanced group dynamics.

Natasja in the Media

Frequently invited as group dynamics expert by the media. I was interviewed by Nu.nl and De Metro, and I appeared as an expert on the TV program called “Gepest van negen tot vijf” (Bullied from nine to five).

Children’s books

Besides Blogs/e-books and articles, Natasja has recently started writing stories for children. Her first story will soon be published in the WWF Junior Ranger Magazine. Natasja is busy working on a children’s book on bullying/group dynamics.

Changed forever

90% of our customers particularly applaud the sustainability of our projects. Problems aren’t solved for just a brief moment; the situation changed permanently.

More than 20 years’ experience

Working with groups for more than 20 years.
Have been able to successfully help more than 50 stranded teams toward a sparkling collaboration.

Our customers rate The Teamcoach with an average of B+

The calmness, being able to get to the essence quickly, and Natasja’s no-nonsense practical nature are strengths our customers mention in particular. They praise the process that generates the desired effect and the effect years afterwards.

Our Team


Natasja Hoex

Jet about Natasja

“This woman is just amazing, as coach and a human being. Natasja and I have been working together since 2006 to give teams a chance to flourish again. Team coaching is in her DNA. Natasja is sharp and straightforward, and she understands the art of guiding teams through difficult weather back to safe waters. Because of her in-depth and at the same time light-hearted approach, it’s a great pleasure to work together with Natasja.”




Jet Holshijsen

Natasja over Jet

“Jet is één van de meest inspirerende mensen waarmee ik ooit heb gewerkt. Een super facilitator/ coach. Wij werken voor heel veel teams samen en helpen teams hun eigen oplossingen te vinden. Als we niet live met een team samenwerken, gebruiken we elkaar in elke casus als sparringpartner/ schaduwcoach. En af en toe vechten we ff een robbertje. Je krijgt er dus eigenlijk twee voor de prijs van één 😊 Ik hou echt van werken met Jet. Ze is creatief, eerlijk, inspirerend en we lachen ons altijd suf met elkaar. Je moet alleen uitkijken voor je schilderijen want die sloopt ze😁”   

Ben vissers

Ben Vissers

Natasja about Ben

“Ben is a real old-school professional. Very precise in his analyses, so he always has a way of opening a small window I hadn’t found yet. He thinks it’s fantastic when people rediscover themselves by working together in a different way. I enjoy sparring with Ben a lot too. To really think about what our interventions trigger. We coach many teams together and because we usually have a slightly different approach, we cover a beautiful range of possibilities. I’m super happy with a wonderful colleague like him.”

Edgar van de Ven - Edgarworks Fotografie en Ontwerp

Edgar van de Ven

Natasja about Edgar

“Edgar is also referred to as the creative genius from Den Bosch. He’s a photographer, (graphic) designer and artist. He’s responsible for a lot of the visual material of The Teamcoach. Edgar is a true perfectionist, which sometimes drives people nuts. But then again, the end result is always beautiful. He clearly wants to show people and everything else in the best possible light.”