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Group dynamics in the media

I regularly get invitations to appear as an expert in the media. If you as a journalist or television producer are interested in using my expertise in the field of group dynamics for your article or program, it’s best to reach me on my mobile number 06-41335607 or by email at

I have, amongst other things, participated in the following:

  • An article in De Metro about “Gossiping at work”
  • An article about “Working in teams” in De Sprout
  • An article about “Group behavior at concerts” for

I was also called in as an expert/mediator in the EO television program called “Gepest van negen tot vijf”(Bullied from nine to five).

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Natasja Hoex van De Teamcoach
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Children’s story

The story De Dapper Leeuw (The Brave Lion) by Natasja Hoex was published on May 2019 in the WNF Rangers Junior magazine.

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Bullied from nine to five

On April 19, 2019, Natasja Hoex appeared as an expert on the Dutch TV program called “Gepest van negen tot vijf” (Bullied from nine to five) about being bullied at work. Click here for more information

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Gossip at work

Natasja Hoex was interviewed by De Metro on March 25, 2019 about gossiping at work. Click here to read the article (in Dutch). logo

Singalong concert

You can read an interview on January 18 in with Natasja Hoex about group behavior at singalong concerts. Click here to read the article (in Dutch)

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Teams work badly together

In 2014, Natasja Hoex was interviewed for an article in De Sprout on team collaboration. Click here to read the article (in Dutch)

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More team results

Natasja Hoex’s e-book called Meer teamresultaat (More team results) was published in 2017 via Bookboon. The audiobook is in the works. Click here to order the e-book.

A couple of on cameraexamples

Natasja Hoex of The Teamcoach

How do I know what I know & other facts

Studied Psychology

Studied psychology and graduated from the University of Groningen

Author of Meer teamresultaat

Get free tips from a top advisorAuthor of the published e-book called Meer teamresultaat (More team results)
Order here

Plenty of life experience

What else can we expect life to teach us from beautiful trips abroad, a difficult divorce, a wonderful family with a beautiful two year old son, and many other adventures.

TGI Certification and Degree

TGI Certified in 2010 and obtained diploma in 2014
(7-year training) . Studied in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Vienna. TGI stands for Themagecentreerde Interactie (Theme-centered Interaction), which you could also call advanced group dynamics.

Natasja in the Media

Frequently invited as group dynamics expert by the media. I was interviewed by and De Metro, and I appeared as an expert on the TV program called “Gepest van negen tot vijf” (Bullied from nine to five).

Children’s books

Besides Blogs/e-books and articles, Natasja has recently started writing stories for children. Her first story will soon be published in the WWF Junior Ranger Magazine. Natasja is busy working on a children’s book on bullying/group dynamics.

Changed forever

90% of our customers particularly applaud the sustainability of our projects. Problems aren’t solved for just a brief moment; the situation changed permanently.

More than 20 years’ experience

Working with groups for more than 20 years.
Have been able to successfully help more than 50 stranded teams toward a sparkling collaboration.

Our customers rate The Teamcoach with an average of B+

The calmness, being able to get to the essence quickly, and Natasja’s no-nonsense practical nature are strengths our customers mention in particular. They praise the process that generates the desired effect and the effect years afterwards.